Vamp's Bed--

Vamp's Bed--

Nicely packaged
beneath most careful
handling, ribs

spread arching, cradled
in open palms,
held accordion-like,

and flesh plays its tune
until its mouth sends
forth the call like a fume

consumes me to wander
the wilderness of a pair
of brazen bleu,

sapphire pupils spanning
a breadth beyond the mad horizon,
and supple perks nudge me

aroused, on point lead me
to stab tempestuously
the bluster of wondrous lunacy,

outrageously lovely,
she receives essence,
fiercely brutish,

uncultivated manner we dwell
sharing the natural habitat of
fem and ape, spent till calm

lie heaped on
her vamp bed,
damp lovers’ sett

©2011 j.a.o.a.