Tango, Rio De Plata—

Tango Rio De Plata—

Dusk and light converge
As one, at each beat
rhythmically enjoin

and inhalation in a
lead and follow,

take and have,
share and enjoy
spread textures meeting

life as wombs touch
each other travel
the way of valley mouths

and each sun strains
to bring itself open,

abandoned of twisted
norms and reserved hypocrisy.
Such is the beginning:

Sinuous-smooth raw
fluid down the “Rio de plata”
Gliding along in open embrace

Then coming together
In close consent: titillating

Welcoming confluence of
Breast, thigh, and
Eloquent language of

the hip-To-hip grind
when the "milonguero" fuses flesh
In the flowing unison

Small, stiletto heeled
steps amid a syncopated
brushing night’s floor-canvas

an array of caresses
sweltering bold and gentle, soft
as love and raw as

passion means to be

©2011 j.a.o.a.