The moon turns

spider woman--

How lovely the way



I like watching you—

I like watching you—

Wash dishes after dinner
And how you bend each knee
Shifting hips in

Rhythm to what’s playing
On the radio.
I know you sense my eyes

Near and you accentuate
Each emphatic flex,
So I sit and appreciate

The grind and roll
Beneath the knee-high skirt,
Starched just so

Rustling of your apron, like
Branches brushing against
A barky bough scraping

Leafs swiftly in a
Mid-July breeze.
Now my crooked smile traps

Intuiting wild ooze
Cupped within the nest
As heat scent releases,

Clings to hair in a
Sponge-drench of lover’s dew,
The taste of you

©2011 j.a.o.a.

Her hair plays

Her hair plays
House music bare
And out spills a

Landscape of
Miles davis streaming
Horn aches from

His favorite valentine,
And i’m lured craven
Grinding nasty raw,

Jamming in the
Acid house of delight
Meshing to

Our gruesome twosome,
The pair of us
Philosophy inked

Tattooed pair of us
Crazed saying
All over us:

Ride on, right on and
Let’s do us,

Let freedom ring
To the brink of us

©2011 j.a.o.a.

Vamp's Bed--

Vamp's Bed--

Nicely packaged
beneath most careful
handling, ribs

spread arching, cradled
in open palms,
held accordion-like,

and flesh plays its tune
until its mouth sends
forth the call like a fume

consumes me to wander
the wilderness of a pair
of brazen bleu,

sapphire pupils spanning
a breadth beyond the mad horizon,
and supple perks nudge me

aroused, on point lead me
to stab tempestuously
the bluster of wondrous lunacy,

outrageously lovely,
she receives essence,
fiercely brutish,

uncultivated manner we dwell
sharing the natural habitat of
fem and ape, spent till calm

lie heaped on
her vamp bed,
damp lovers’ sett

©2011 j.a.o.a.

delightful impulse—

delightful impulse—

...the dawning rose awakened
dewed to the touch

when their movements
were deliberate (hang on to)
grabbing and heaving

obvious beating hard
each occupying all,
his giant wings opened

cloak-like over
Leda and the swan nibbled
with earnest intent

each peck on point
exploded inexplicably
drawing exaltations:

bizarre wearing of
bestial expanse, limitless

conceiving at once
a most delightful impulse
in her, his god-love

and she liked knowing
that I enjoyed watching
them from afar:

love’s gaze beneath the
moon’s peer above,
casting its briefest

light o’er anguished lands
so does her glance
hold life and death in

the slightest of smiles,
flowering poses,
thorn stemmed; and the

contour of her lips
shaped delicious venom that
weighed our sweet demise

©2011 j.a.o.a.

Tango, Rio De Plata—

Tango Rio De Plata—

Dusk and light converge
As one, at each beat
rhythmically enjoin

and inhalation in a
lead and follow,

take and have,
share and enjoy
spread textures meeting

life as wombs touch
each other travel
the way of valley mouths

and each sun strains
to bring itself open,

abandoned of twisted
norms and reserved hypocrisy.
Such is the beginning:

Sinuous-smooth raw
fluid down the “Rio de plata”
Gliding along in open embrace

Then coming together
In close consent: titillating

Welcoming confluence of
Breast, thigh, and
Eloquent language of

the hip-To-hip grind
when the "milonguero" fuses flesh
In the flowing unison

Small, stiletto heeled
steps amid a syncopated
brushing night’s floor-canvas

an array of caresses
sweltering bold and gentle, soft
as love and raw as

passion means to be

©2011 j.a.o.a.