I like watching you—

I like watching you—

Wash dishes after dinner
And how you bend each knee
Shifting hips in

Rhythm to what’s playing
On the radio.
I know you sense my eyes

Near and you accentuate
Each emphatic flex,
So I sit and appreciate

The grind and roll
Beneath the knee-high skirt,
Starched just so

Rustling of your apron, like
Branches brushing against
A barky bough scraping

Leafs swiftly in a
Mid-July breeze.
Now my crooked smile traps

Intuiting wild ooze
Cupped within the nest
As heat scent releases,

Clings to hair in a
Sponge-drench of lover’s dew,
The taste of you

©2011 j.a.o.a.