I would like—

I would like—
To write a letter
On a sheet so
White and clear
Laid virgin sheer.
Form each word
With brusque strokes
From my
Fountain pen
Tell of things long
And sheen,
Things no one’s ever
Told before:
surreptitious letter
In endless
Sequence of phrases,
Letter of
Suicide eyes run-wild
Passion clung in
The dead of
Night flailing life
With its
Flayed skin
Shown gloriously raw,
Brave soul
Condemned for love
At the place
Where water laps
Sonorous and
River rock
Gleams smooth slick,
Where Aragonite
Crystals form a coral
Trellis bow
Of wind-chime doves
©2008 j.a.o.a.

when you were made—

when you were made—

mounts awakened
valleys, streets and
alleys doused
in sunlight,
chatty brooks sallied
tinseling murmurs
giving passage to this
loveliest season,
and poetry showed me
how you truly are
my maddening reason

©2011 j.a.o.a.