Furry flower—

I like watching you
As you go about doing
Naked things for me

Unrestricted things
Like administrating whims

Balmy permeable then
Settle on cozying up
With the slink of you

©2012 j.a.o.a.

Haiku Senryu: I like you like this

I like you like this
Flower, silky-smooth dewed moist
Freshly feminine

©2012 j.a.o.a.


Shivers of Pleasure March 11

Mis Cartas de Amor (The Love Letters of Jose’ Antonio Orellana Artolozaga) March 10


Ignite your yearn in
That flickering dazzle of
Limpid translucence

©2012 j.a.o.a.

Mis Cartas de Amor (The Love Letters of Jose’ Antonio Orellana Artolozaga) March 6


How delicious your lips are when I lull them with my kisses, mad kisses, desperate kisses, kisses soft and wet. What wonderful flavor your mouth is when I inspire it to hunger with caresses entangled in ribbons of subtle mischief, and I am a burning wind when you hold me in the mysterious beauty of your gaze.

Siempre con amor,

Tu enamorado





Though sea drifts o’er sand
Wipes away love made cuddles
I hold you love-struck

©2012 j.a.o.a.



Each moan screams awash
Hair glue-like soaked on shoulders,
Ecstasy’s Lament

©2012 j.a.o.a.

How pleadingly sweet
Your way of looking at me
When I stir your pond

©2012 j.a.o.a.

Stripped of all daylight
Nothing but the beige night lades
Choice drenching kisses

©2012 j.a.o.a.

The good night—

The good night—
Thirsting floweret
By inferno’s legation
Sate well your penchant
©2011 j.a.o.a.


Come to settle
Visit those memories of
Your smile for me.
Enfold me like the wind
And set me afire then
Have me surrender to
The succor of
Your loving arms

©2012 j.a.o.a.

Here you have me—

Here you have me—
In a gaze of piquant
Blush, and
I kiss you with a
Crooked smile
Feeling your
Parceled sigh
Crease the night
Into a squint and the
Moon squeezes its
Light through
In coy luminescence,
Boastfully swirling a
Porcelain stare
And like a sea wind
Tosses about in a spume
Your eyes cast a look
My way and
I think to myself:
So seamless, the way
My love waxes you

©2012 j.a.o.a.




She walks toward me
Tiptoeing gently
Afraid she’ll wake me
And flowers of
The misty night sway
Among the lion
Tufts from last year’s
Grassy meadow, and
I sense her mad
Caress reach for me
A millionth time

© 2012 j.a.o.a.
© 2012 Jose' Antonio Orellana Artolozaga