delightful impulse—

delightful impulse—

...the dawning rose awakened
dewed to the touch

when their movements
were deliberate (hang on to)
grabbing and heaving

obvious beating hard
each occupying all,
his giant wings opened

cloak-like over
Leda and the swan nibbled
with earnest intent

each peck on point
exploded inexplicably
drawing exaltations:

bizarre wearing of
bestial expanse, limitless

conceiving at once
a most delightful impulse
in her, his god-love

and she liked knowing
that I enjoyed watching
them from afar:

love’s gaze beneath the
moon’s peer above,
casting its briefest

light o’er anguished lands
so does her glance
hold life and death in

the slightest of smiles,
flowering poses,
thorn stemmed; and the

contour of her lips
shaped delicious venom that
weighed our sweet demise

©2011 j.a.o.a.