They would meet at night and—

They would meet at night and—

Only the glimmer of
the distant moon illumined
their doings for
no one but they stirred
about at that hour of
delicacies served and tasty
glistened from tongues
stropping insatiable urges.

They liked the sound of
her petticoat ruffling exigency
and unconstraint obviated
the requirement exacting wild
fantasy manifesting
rhythmic movements of fleshly
hydraulics carrying out
the ritual thrusts reciprocating
to and fro of their prodding craze.

And at the witching hour
her gaze was made a violent glaze
as she took each of
her lovers deep within the
cooing of her and the dimension
As their gasping turned
propulsion aghast when each one
slithered to a wanton wan,
exploding whimper clasping the
spasmodic seize of
her flexing release.

©2011 j.a.o.a.