Just be---

Just be—

Arrives fluttering about

Its burning startling
Conceives obsessive disguise,
Mind’s disquieting.

Then, puerile breathing
Comes consuming puppy love
Like ripening fruit.

At last staggering
A sobering light astounds
Evanesced clarity.

Love is leftovers
Reheated from what’s been of
Yesterday’s banquet.

Then at dawn one day
You are awakened renewed,
Everything is clear,

Even traffic noise
Usually discordantly
Carries kindly tunes,

Winter feels spring-like
Slowly drinks in the sunlight
Soaks with bated breath

And until the soul
Inevitably accepts,
Does calm come again

In iridescence
Makes the heart rise from ashes,
Drifts to love again

©2010 j.a.o.a.