You draw toward me
Gleaming by my moistened sips
Making love to you
©2012 j.a.o.a.


How your star guides me
O’er pining made slight by your
Loving me so much
©2012 j.a.o.a.


Loving you like the
Sea spumes its waves in curvy
Purl-like caresses

©2012 j.a.o.a.


Though sea drifts o’er sand
Wipes away love made cuddles
I hold you love-struck

©2012 j.a.o.a.



Each moan screams awash
Hair glue-like soaked on shoulders,
Ecstasy’s Lament

©2012 j.a.o.a.

How pleadingly sweet
Your way of looking at me
When I stir your pond

©2012 j.a.o.a.

Stripped of all daylight
Nothing but the beige night lades
Choice drenching kisses

©2012 j.a.o.a.

The good night—

The good night—
Thirsting floweret
By inferno’s legation
Sate well your penchant
©2011 j.a.o.a.


Come to settle
Visit those memories of
Your smile for me.
Enfold me like the wind
And set me afire then
Have me surrender to
The succor of
Your loving arms

©2012 j.a.o.a.

Here you have me—

Here you have me—
In a gaze of piquant
Blush, and
I kiss you with a
Crooked smile
Feeling your
Parceled sigh
Crease the night
Into a squint and the
Moon squeezes its
Light through
In coy luminescence,
Boastfully swirling a
Porcelain stare
And like a sea wind
Tosses about in a spume
Your eyes cast a look
My way and
I think to myself:
So seamless, the way
My love waxes you

©2012 j.a.o.a.